Welsh Conservatives challenge voters to embrace “real change” or risk long-term future with Labour

Welsh Conservatives have unveiled their latest Advan in the Gower, which will present voters with a stark choice between “5 more years of Labour” or “Real change with the Welsh Conservatives”, ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections on May 5th.

The text will overlay images of Jeremy Corbyn and First Minister Carwyn Jones juxtaposed with images of Prime Minister David Cameron and Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies.

Unveiling the van alongside Andrew RT Davies will be prospective Assembly Member for Gower, Lyndon Jones. Speaking ahead of the launch he said:

“May the 5th presents voters with the most important question they will have faced in a generation: to stick with the same old ideas of Labour, which simply aren’t working, or to opt for a better future and secure real change by voting Welsh Conservatives.

“David Cameron and the Conservatives have shown that they can deliver for the UK and the Welsh Conservative team will bring the same focus and discipline to provide Wales with a better future.

“After 17 years of Labour, they leave in their wake a legacy of failing schools, closed hospitals, a flagging economy – and now they’re asking for five more years to make the same mistakes over again.

“Labour’s incompetence and complacency risks Wales’ long-term future.

“It is only with competent leadership at both ends of the M4 and a strong economy that we can pay for and have a good health service and better schools.

“We’re here today to tell voters that every vote matters and that if you want real change, you have to vote for it.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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