UK Government is listening as it delivers real change for Wales’ settlement

Commenting on the announcement by the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb MP, that he is to make changes to plans for further devolution, via a Draft Wales Bill, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies said:

“This is yet another hugely positive example of the UK Government listening to a wide-range of viewpoints; and acting upon them, in the best interests of the people of Wales.

“We know the Draft Wales Bill marks a potentially landmark moment for our nation – proposing real change through delivering a reserved powers model, devolving new powers to Welsh Ministers and the Assembly, and supporting the permanence of the Assembly within the UK's constitutional arrangements

“We’ve continued to work closely with the UK Government in areas where the Bill can be improved, and enhanced – as it normal in any draft legislative process. We look forward to continuing to do so, so this Bill delivers the lasting settlement our nation needs.

“This Bill is part of a wide package or reform being delivered for Wales, and devolution, by Conservatives in UK Government – including the introduction of a fair funding floor, and the devolution of income tax powers.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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