Care and support in Wales is changing

Care and support in Wales is changing. From April 6, people will have more say about how social services assess and deliver their care and support.

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act will radically transform the way social services are delivered in Wales to meet the needs of individuals and make services sustainable for the future.

The Act gives people a stronger voice and real control over the support they need to remove barriers to their wellbeing. It focuses on earlier intervention; increasing preventative services within the community and helping people maintain their independence.

It provides a framework to enable people to get the help they need before their situation becomes critical. The Act also promotes integration between health and social care in order to achieve improved wellbeing outcomes and provides for a strengthened approach to safeguarding people.

The Act also:

  • Introduces new eligibility criteria focused on individual need, replacing the current threshold system;
  • Gives carers  an equal right to assessment for support to those they care for;
    • Ensures easy access to information and advice is available to all;
    • Keeps children and vulnerable adults safer by making powers to safeguard people stronger;
    • Requires local authorities and health boards to come together in new statutory partnerships to drive integration, innovation and service change.

Find out more at http://gov.wales/topics/health/socialcare/act/?lang=en

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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