Council bow to public pressure over home to school transport.

Welsh Liberal Democrats in RCT have welcomed the climb down by the Labour Cabinet over the changes to home to school transport which were planned to be introduced in September.

Charges were due to be introduced for those living between two and three miles from secondary schools and one and a half and two miles from primary schools who are currently entitled to free transport.

RCT Cabinet have now announced they will not be pressing ahead with the changes.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell said

"Of course this change of heart is very welcome and will be a huge relief to the many parents who were wondering how they could afford the fares or ensure their children got safely to school otherwise.

"We were particularly concerned about the removal of free transport from post sixteen students that was to take place and are pleased to know that they will now continue to be entitled to the same level of provision as every other pupil.

"However you have to wonder what is going on within the Council. They knew the effect that this would have before they made the original decision. They went through the not inconsiderable expense of a consultation and the Cabinet supposedly considered it carefully before coming to a conclusion.

"The decision to overturn it has been taken not by the Cabinet but by the Leader and surely questions must be asked as to why?

"There has been a huge public backlash to these proposals – could it be that someone woke up to the fact that the Assembly elections are just a few weeks away and the Council elections take place next year? Could this magnanimous gesture have anything to do with that?

"One would hope not."

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