Welsh Conservatives announce plans for a ‘Transport for Wales’ body

A Welsh Conservative Government would create a single transport body with responsibility for roads, rail and buses in Wales as part of a drive to deliver an integrated approach to transport development across Wales.


The body would be charged with delivering an integrated transport system and ensuring a consistent, Wales-wide approach to improving infrastructure.

In overseeing transport policy, the body would ensure transport developments are more joined-up, unleashing new life into the Welsh economy, tackling rural isolation and better linking people to areas of jobs growth.

It would work in conjunction with plans (announced at Welsh Conservative Conference this weekend) for a new ‘North Wales Economic Board’, which would gain devolved growth levers to drive economic improvements in the area. 

The Welsh Conservatives would also reprioritise Wales’ National Transport Plan – working with the body – to implement a new long-term strategy for our roads, rail and public transport networks.

Shadow Economy Minister – William Graham – said that the party’s Transport Plan for Wales would ease congestion and improve connectivity throughout Wales.

Mr Graham said:

“For too long Welsh motorists have been forced to accept second rate transport infrastructure, and that cannot be allowed to go on. A reliable transport network is vital, not just for the economy but for the wellbeing and mobility of the people of Wales.

“A Welsh Conservative Government would establish a new arm’s-length body – ‘Transport for Wales’ – to deliver an integrated transport system and ensure a consistent, Wales-wide approach to improving infrastructure.

“We would also bring forward plans for an integrated smart card travel scheme for the whole of Wales.

“The Welsh Government has a responsibility to develop an all-Wales approach to transport planning, and we would reprioritise the national transport plan to deliver infrastructure improvements in every corner of Wales.

“The establishment of an independent commission to monitor Welsh infrastructure will also ensure continuity and a co-ordinated approach to road, rail and public transport issues.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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