Shocking figures on tariffs PROVE EU is killing off Welsh steel

Figures comparing tariffs imposed on China by the USA and the EU for dumping cheap steel show exactly why the EU is killing off Welsh industry, says UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill.

The US announcement of tariffs of 266% on Chinese steel contrast dramatically with the 16% levy Europe Union introduced last month, and will make matters worse as the far east diverts even more imports here.

“We in UKIP have been joining the dots and pointing at the role of the EU in the destruction of UK steel, which is being constantly undermined by cheap Chinese imports.

“As a member of the EU we have given up our seat on the World Trade Organisation and rely on the European Commission to prevent steel dumping by imposing strict tariffs. These figures show just how little the EU has done to help, as well as rising energy costs, largely due to EU carbon reduction objectives.

“Eight of the nine major metal ore refineries in Wales have closed since 2007 with the final major steelworks in Port Talbot losing £1m per week and having to recently cut its workforce drastically, costing one thousand jobs directly and countless more in the supply chain. This should finally show once and for all why we must leave the EU to protect heavy industry in Wales.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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