Training for bar staff from Aberdare

Bar staff from Aberdare were recently given training from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office on how to protect vulnerable people in and around bars and club.

They were given advice on how to spot both vulnerable people and sexual predators and what to do next.

The training is part of an ongoing Police and Crime Commissioner and South Wales Police campaign focusing on those who can intervene to prevent assaults.

Johann Robinson from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office explains: “What we are trying to do is raise awareness about the issues of vulnerability in the night-time economy, and also give bar staff tactics to use if they do see someone who is vulnerable.

“Delivering the vulnerability training to licences, bar staff and people in the community of Aberdare has provided the Police and Crime Commissioner with an opportunity to work with others as partner to keep people safe and support healthy, happy communities.

“Sadly rape and sexual assault happen too often and by providing training targeted at preventing this in the night time economy is important to us. Already since the training people have shared information with us that will help us take action.”

Police Sergeant Julian Barwood added: “Vulnerability is not just about being intoxicated, it is about the fact that you might be new to an area, you don’t know where your friends are and you may not have any money. It is about people looking after each other and ensuring that we have got a safe community and night-time economy for people to enjoy.

“With a large percentage of assaults linked to alcohol consumption, the Community Safety Partnership has continued to promote the message of the Know the Score campaign ‪#‎DrinkLessEnjoyMore‬. With our assistance, and that of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, bar staff have received training in recognising vulnerabilities of customers. This commitment by licensees shows they have an appetite for making their premises safer for all.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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