Labour happy to keep public in the dark on devolution, says ARTD, ahead of Lords Committee session

Andrew RT Davies will today claim that it is firmly in the interests of failing Welsh Labour Ministers for people across Wales to not have a deeper understanding of the devolved process.

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives is to give evidence to the House of Lords’ Constitution Committee at 11.15am today; in a session focussed on the Union and Devolution.

He is expected to make reference to what steps can be taken to improve public understanding as to the relative responsibilities of the UK and Welsh Governments.

Ahead of the session, Andrew RT Davies AM said: "The failings of Welsh Labour Ministers – on economic development, our NHS, and in education – mean it is firmly in their interests for people across Wales to be in the dark about what matters are devolved.

“Polling has consistently shown that people across Wales need more clarity about what issues are the responsibility of Welsh Ministers, and the National Assembly for Wales – but Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party want to pull the wool over their eyes.”

The evidence session forms part of a visit to Cardiff from the Lords Committee; in an inquiry which will consider what binds the constituent parts of the UK together, and how the Union can be strengthened.

Mr Davies added: “Wales has been hamstrung by a First Minister who will do anything to avoid talking about his own record; and I look forward to outlining to this important inquiry how damaging that is, for both devolution and the Union.

“For years, weekly FMQ sessions have been littered with unnecessary, or ambiguous references to England, as our chaotic First Minister does anything to deflect from his own record of incompetence.

“He even invited UKIP’s Leader to town to debate non-devolved matters; rather than discuss the future of our economy, NHS and schools in Wales. Put simply – Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will do anything to avoid talking about their 17 years of failure in Wales”.

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