End of year message

2016 offers the chance of a fresh start, and an opportunity for Wales to achieve its full potential.

After 17 years with Welsh Labour at the helm, Wales finds itself at a crossroads and there are big decisions ahead.

Wales is already benefiting from Conservatives in government at a UK level, and a buoyant jobs market is evidence that stable, competent leadership can help our country reach its full potential. Just imagine what a Welsh Conservative Government could achieve working closely with the UK Government.  

In May voters will face a straight choice between the change Wales needs for a brighter future, or sticking with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and the same ideas that just haven’t worked.

It’s a choice between a low tax economy which rewards hard work and endeavour – or one that continues to stifle entrepreneurs and denies small businesses the support they need to grow.

A choice between a Welsh Conservative Government that would protect the NHS budget, cut waiting lists and improve access to cancer drugs – and a Welsh Labour Government which has cut £1 billion from frontline services and left 1-in-7 of us on an NHS waiting list.

Make no mistake, 2015 has been a historic year for Wales and there are promising signs that the economic recovery is taking hold here in Wales thanks to the stable leadership of Conservatives in Government.

There were 42,000 extra jobs in 2015 and a rise in employment of 1.8 per cent, but we cannot afford to be complacent.

You cannot pay for a good health service and better schools without competent leadership and a strong economy, and we must work tirelessly to safeguard the gains that have been made in recent years.

Wales has bags of potential still lying dormant and incredible opportunities lying ahead, and working with our colleagues at Westminster a Welsh Conservative Government can deliver a better deal and a brighter future for Wales.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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