Investment at Stag Square, Treorchy

Following the Cabinet’s decision to invest almost a million pounds to improve traffic flow and congestion around Stag Square in Treorchy, a public consultation is set to take place in January to outline the innovative plans.

Leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, County Borough Councillor Andrew Morgan said:

“Delays around the Stag Square junction, especially at peak times, are unfortunately a frequent occurrence which impact upon businesses and residents in the Upper Rhondda Fawr as a whole. To deliver upon our commitment to address this matter, £0.75M has been set aside to deliver the changes necessary to improve traffic flows around Stag Square and ‘north/south’ through the Rhondda Fawr.

“We recognise the importance of this junction for people living and working in the Upper Rhondda Fawr and innovative proposals have been developed to not only improve junction arrangements but also improve the street space for shoppers and residents which will enhance the town centre.

“Despite the budget reductions we need to address as a result of UK Government austerity measures, the Cabinet believe it is important we still look to invest where possible in our key priority areas such as transport and regeneration; as part of this priority we want to tackle the traffic problems which often take place at the Stag Square junction with improvements which, I am sure, will be welcomed by people living and working in the Upper Rhondda Fawr.

“This also follows the recent investment in the area in the new Community Recycling Centre in Treherbert which is set to open in March.

“One of the reasons this issue has not been successfully addressed before is because of the complexities of the Stag Square junction and space available to make changes. To deliver improvements we have been working with a renowned and innovative road design architect to find potential solutions that will deliver vital improvements in the confined road layouts in the centre of Treorchy.

“Residents and commuters will recall a few years ago, when the lights were out of operation at this junction, that traffic flow improved but created some pedestrian crossing issues which meant simply removing the lights was not a practical option.

“This proposal does seek to improve the traffic flow by removing the current lights, but proposes speed reductions, the narrowing of the carriageway and introduction of a central reservation with regular informal crossing points to ensure pedestrians are able to cross the carriageway safely. 

“The proposed £0.75M investment would result in significant changes to the layout and design of the highway around Stag Square and major enhancements to pedestrian areas throughout the town centre with better on street parking arrangements for shoppers.

“Consultation on these ambitious proposals, which will include a public exhibition in Treorchy Library, will begin in January offering residents, shoppers and business owners the opportunity to have their say on the plans.

“Stag Square Traffic Flow has been an issue of concern for the local community since I became a Councillor in 2004, I am therefore pleased that my Cabinet has brought forward the investment and the proposals to make the necessary vital improvements.”

A short video has been developed to summarise the proposal.

A full consulation will take place in January offering residents, shoppers and business owners the opportunity to have their say on the plans.

The exhibition will take place in Treochy Library on 26 January 2016 to give anyone interested in the proposals the opportunity to speak to officers and view more details.

Summary of the proposed changes to Stag Square:

  • 20mph speed restriction in the surrounding area
  • Removal of the current traffic signals
  • Introduction of a central reservation along the Highway
  • Regular informal pedestrian crossing points
  • Increased on street parking bays
Posted on Wednesday 16th December 2015
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