Welsh Conservatives call for a review of appointments to public bodies in Wales

New figures contained in a Freedom of Information Request have highlighted the number of ‘Labour insiders’ appointed to public bodies in Wales since the advent of devolution.


Figures reveal that 195 people with direct links to the Welsh Labour Party have been appointed to public bodies in Wales since 1999; nine times the Conservative total, and four times the number with affiliations to Plaid Cymru.


The FOI reveals a total of 2,247 appointments since 1999, of which some 15% declared a political affiliation.


Welsh Labour


Plaid Cymru


Welsh Lib Dems


Welsh Conservatives



Commenting on the findings, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives – Andrew RT Davies AM – said:


“At a time when a lack of Welsh Government transparency is high on the agenda here in Wales these revelations will be particularly damaging.


“The figures suggest a clear bias in favour of the governing parties here in Wales, and it seems that both Labour and Plaid took full advantage during the One Wales Government to pad out public bodies with friendly voices.


“We have long expressed our concerns over the number of Labour insiders packed into Welsh public bodies and it’s time for a review of the process.


“Taxpayers have a right to know why they’re paying for public appointments to be allocated on political affiliation.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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