Labour Government must rethink Council Tax notice change

Labour Government must rethink Council Tax notice change

Commenting ahead of the debate on the Local Government Finance (Wales) Bill, part of which removes the requirement for councils to publicise council tax changes in local newspapers, Peter Fox MS, Shadow Local Government Minister, said:

“Local papers play an incredibly important role in democracy, holding both the Welsh Government and local authorities to account.

“Independent research and the Welsh Government’s own impact assessment of the Bill show that printed local newspapers are an essential platform for ensuring the public, particularly the elderly, disenfranchise and those living in rural areas, have access to critical information that will have a profound impact on their lives.

“I fear that this is the thin end of the wedge and could lead to the removal of other important notices that many people across Wales rely on.

“I hope that the Labour Ministers change their mind and keep this incredibly important requirement, protecting both scrutiny and local journalism.”

Rebecca Evans MS Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and Cabinet Office

Rebecca received a degree in History from the University of Leeds, and a Master of Philosophy degree in Historical Studies from Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge. Before being elected, Rebecca worked in the third sector.

So a well-qualified Cabinet Secretary for Finance.

Local Government Finance (Wales) Bill

Placing a duty on ratepayers to provide certain types of information to the Valuation Office Agency, and making provision for the associated compliance regime.

Providing flexibility for the reference point for 100% in the banding structure to be changed to a different band or a different description of a band.

Establishing a five-yearly cycle of revaluations, and a power for the Welsh Ministers to amend the revaluation year and interval between revaluations, as well as to amend the date of draft list publication via order.

Section 17 restates existing powers of the Welsh Ministers to amend valuation bands of dwellings, and also enables the Welsh Ministers to amend the valuation band used as an average in formulas applied under sections 36 and 47 of the 1992 Act used to calculate the amount of council tax that is payable.

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