Reintroduction of ALN-friendly sessions in Aberdare Splash Pad. Please can you sign this petition

Reintroduction of ALN-friendly sessions in Aberdare Splash Pad. Please can you sign this petition

Taken from FB. My son, like many other children in the Cynon Valley, has been diagnosed with Autism. This makes it very challenging for him to interact freely in crowded and loud places. Children diagnosed with ASD have very little danger awareness, sensory issues and in general struggle in busier environments. The lack of ‘quiet sessions’ in Aberdare Splash Park makes it very difficult for children with ASD / other disabilities to be able to play safely, without the fear of them hurting themselves & others. 

Previously, there used to be designated ‘ALN friendly quiet sessions’ in Aberdare Splash Park for 2 hours per week. These sessions provided a haven, a place of pure joy, where my son and other children with varying disabilities, could enjoy just like any other child without the sensory overload. It was a celebration of inclusivity and normalization. But the discontinuation of these quiet sessions has rendered the splash pad inaccessible to children like my son.

Aberdare, famed for its proactive engagement in community-centric activities, should value all its children and their diverse needs. According to the Wales Annual Population Survey (2017), in Cynon Valley alone, there are approximately 2,500 children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / other additional needs that face challenges as a result of this. These numbers signal a community with a particular need, a community that deserves to be heard. 

Let’s put inclusivity into practice by allowing a dedicated 2 hour ALN ‘quiet session’ every week. It is not just about access to a splash pad, it is about giving these children the right to enjoy and experience life without limitations and more importantly will allow safety to be maintained, which as a parent of a child with additional needs, is very important. 

Please join me and sign this petition urgently- let’s bring joy back to our fearsome and wonderful children who face life courageously every day.


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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