Findings from an AIC assurance check of the Adults in the Community Team in Blaenau Gwent

Findings from an AIC assurance check of the Adults in the Community Team in Blaenau Gwent

The assurance check was carried out by Care Inspectorate Wales between 26 and 28 March 2024.

This is an adult team in the community, where the staff support adults over 18 who are vulnerable. This assurance check focused on adults with a learning disability, and the performance of the Blaenau Gwent team was reviewed in carrying out its duties and functions in accordance with legislation for this group of adults and their carers.


The inspectors found that a stable and experienced leadership team was in place. Senior managers were aware of the significant ongoing challenges faced in responding to more complex demand and needs, and financial pressures.

It is necessary to ensure that emphasis is placed on the implementation of sustainable strategic plans for learning disability services, and sound financial sustainability plans are crucial in order to prevent short-term cuts triggered by emergencies. Practitioners feel that they are well supported by their managers and that they are generally able to cope with their caseloads.

The local authority promotes different types of housing support to enable people to achieve their outcomes, including the outcome of living as independently as possible in the community.

People, practitioners and some unpaid carers told AWW that there is a good range of resources and support services available, but they would like to see more opportunities for adults with a learning disability to volunteer and get meaningful work.

The stakeholders who responded to the AWB survey described positive working relationships with the local authority. They are of the opinion that the social workers are responsive and treat people with dignity and respect. One stakeholder said: “Practitioners have always put the views of adults using our services at the forefront and always ensure they find out what is important to them.”

The next steps

AWW expects the local authority to consider the areas for improvement that have been identified and take appropriate action to address and improve these areas. AWW will monitor progress through its ongoing performance review activity with the local authority.

Where relevant, AWW expects the local authority to share the positive practices identified with other local authorities, in order to share the lessons learned and help guide continuous improvement in statutory services across Wales.

To see all the findings and recommendations, read the full report below.

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