20 Royal Colleges issue stark warning to FM

20 Royal Colleges issue stark warning to FM

Commenting on an open letter to the First Minister of Wales issuing a stark warning about reports of declining health outcomes “damaging the nation’s youngest and their future”, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister

College joins RCP London to ask Welsh Government how they are working to reduce inequalities

Sam Rowlands MS said:

“The coming together of such a large and substantial group of health expert bodies will be difficult to ignore for the First Minister.

“Despite stating that paediatric treatment waits were a priority for them, the Labour Welsh Government have yet to eliminate two-year waits as has been achieved in England. Children’s A&E attendances are also increasing.

“The Welsh Conservatives voice our support for the letter’s recommendations and call on the Labour Government to work with the Royal Colleges, draw on their expertise and to finally enact a plan to get on top of these excessive waiting lists for patients across Wales.”

 This article is more than 1 year old

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