Hundreds of Bikers raise thousands for lifesaving charity

Hundreds of Bikers raise thousands for lifesaving charity

Hundreds of bikers braved “horrendous weather” conditions to tackle a challenge in aid of
the Welsh Air Ambulance Charity raising over nine and a half thousand pounds. 
The 2nd Wales Round Ribbon Ride which raises money for motorcycle-orientated charities
took place on Sunday 7 April 2024. 
“The camaraderie on the day was amazing!” said Round Ribbon Chairman Tyron Stevenson. 
He said: “The weather started off not too badly but, in the afternoon, it was horrendous, it
evolved into pure sheets of rain everywhere.  
“That obviously knocked numbers, we didn’t get as many as we were hoping for but those
who were involved, they thoroughly loved it and we knew it was for such a good cause. 
“They wanted to support the air ambulance, so they just got out and did their thing. Many
said, ‘it’s a brilliant charity to raise money for, what’s a bit of weather?’ 
“I think the fact that we chose this charity, certainly helped people get motivated for the
Wales Air Ambulance is consultant-led, taking hospital-standard treatments to the patient
and if required, transferring them directly to the most appropriate hospital for their illness
or injury. For the patient, this can mean hours saved when compared to standard care and is
proven to greatly improve survival and recovery. 
It is delivered via a unique Third sector and Public Sector partnership. The Emergency
Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) supplies highly skilled NHS consultants and
critical care practitioners who work on board the charity’s vehicles. 

The Round Ribbon committee chose the Wales Air Ambulance as a beneficiary for this year’s
event because, “It has saved the lives of so many bikers in Wales over the years and it was
an obvious choice”, said Tyron. 
Eleven local businesses took part in the ride out, with each location a starting point for each
rider. They then had to visit four other venues, where they received a stamp to show they
had been there, ending at their starting point.  Each received a ribbon in recognition of
completing the route. 

Tyron said: “One chap rode all the way from Hereford to Milford Haven to start the ride,
because he chose the wrong place to start. He didn’t realise how far away it was.  
“His chain nearly came off his bike so the bikers at the stop he went to helped him adjust his
chain and get that working properly.  
“He wasn’t sure where he was going next so a couple of the riders there said ‘we are going
there, tag along with us’.  
“This one guy’s story illustrates the spirit of bikers of helping each other get through the
day. Just do what you need to do, to get it done. That camaraderie between that group
down there, they had never met before- they didn’t know each other but they came
together to help each other.” 
He continued: “We had people in competitions who could get the most water out of their
gloves and as one guy said, ‘I’ve never been so wet and I’m a professional diver’, because he
works on the oil rigs.” 

Tyron also paid tribute to all the volunteers, who made the event possible, he said: “It was a
day where just everybody came together, we just absolutely had a laugh. All the volunteers
turned up at the stations, we had 60 on the day and not one let us down.  
“They all turned out, they all had a smile on their face, and they made it an absolutely
brilliant day for everyone involved.” 
The Wales Air Ambulance Charity relies on public donations to raise the £11.2 million
required every year to keep the helicopters in the air and rapid response vehicles on the
Tyron said: “I know how surprised the public are when they find out that charities like the
air ambulance rely on donations and fundraising events like ours. 
 “We will definitely fundraise for the air ambulance again. Our intention in the beginning
was to find a few charities and do it on a rotation, not find someone different every year,
and Wales Air Ambulance will feature again.” 
Wales Air Ambulance’s Head of Fundraising Mark Stevens said: “A huge thank you to all the
riders who took part in this incredible event! The wet weather certainly didn’t dampen their
“We are hugely grateful to the organisers of the Wales Round Ribbon Ride and all the
volunteers who made this, their second event, such an enormous success. 

“Nine and a half thousand pounds is an amazing amount, and you should all be immensely
“It is fundraisers like this that make such a huge difference to raising awareness and vital
funds for our charity enabling us to keep saving as many lives as we can, wherever and
whenever we are needed.
Here’s a list of the venues that took part: 
Baffle Haus/ Baffle Culture 
La Luna Coffee 
The Somerset Arms at Port Talbot 
Woodrow’s – Motorcycle Gear, Café & Events 
UN1T 7 
Celtic Scooters and Motorcycles / Monster Road Café 
Two Hoots Team Room 
The Black Mountain Lodge 
Owl’s Nest Tea Room Diner


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