Cardiff Airport’s passenger numbers dwindle

Cardiff Airport’s passenger numbers dwindle

Amidst revelations that Cardiff Airport stands as the sole entity among the UK’s top 30 airports to suffer a decline in passenger numbers between 2022 and 2023, concerns deepen over its financial sustainability under the stewardship of the Labour Welsh Government. While counterparts experience growth, Cardiff Airport moves in the opposite trajectory, potentially draining taxpayer funds indefinitely.

The impending launch of a budget coach service exacerbates these worries. FlixBus, renowned as the UK’s fastest-expanding coach network, expands its reach with Cymru Coaches, targeting major destinations in south Wales, including Cardiff. Bristol Airport emerges as a key player in this equation, attracting passengers with coach fares as low as £2.99 for journeys spanning Newport, Cardiff city centre, Bridgend, Swansea University, and Swansea city centre. This development threatens to divert even more travellers away from Cardiff Airport, compounding its struggle for viability.

Unless decisive action is taken to attract and retain passengers and routes, Cardiff Airport risks further descent into financial instability, perpetuating its status as a drain on public finances.

Responding to figures showing Cardiff Airport is the only one of the UK’s top 30 airports to have lost passengers between 2022 and 2023, Natasha Asghar MS, Shadow Minister for (position), said:

“Under the ownership of the Labour Welsh Government, Cardiff Airport is becoming a bottomless money pit for taxpayers.

“While the trend for other similar airports is an increase in passenger numbers, Cardiff Airport is moving in the opposite direction.

“Unless the Labour Welsh Government can deliver more passengers and routes at the airport, it will continue to be a financial black hole.”

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