Even More funding is coming to Pontypridd

Even More funding is coming to Pontypridd

It would appear Pontypridd is poised to receive another significant boost in funding, as evidenced by the headline “Strategic potential unlocked across Pontypridd.” Could this influx of funds be aimed at alleviating the long-standing traffic congestion issues that have plagued the town for years? One can only hope that the consultants tasked with this endeavour produce better results than those seen in Mountain Ash, where the traffic situation worsened by adding another set of traffic lights, with traffic lights being a long-term problem in Mountain Ash, our council insists on keeping the bottleneck in Mountain Ash by their inability to construct two roundabouts to free up traffic flows and reduce pollution.

With the Pontypridd Police Station being a pivotal landmark, the Council’s acquisition of the site signals a strategic approach to redevelopment in the area. However, some residents speculate whether this move is merely another instance of the Council prioritizing Pontypridd over other regions, such as the Rhondda, where public services are being cut and children are facing longer walks to school.

Although South Wales Police assures continued operational presence until final plans are confirmed, concerns linger over the lack of police stations in the Rhondda Valleys and Cynon Valley, which were closed due to purported financial constraints. Yet, the Council’s readiness to invest in Pontypridd paints a contrasting picture.

Councillor Tina Leyshon emphasizes the regeneration potential of acquiring the Police Station, highlighting opportunities for private sector relocation and transportation improvements. However, her representation of the Rhondda, where such investments are scarce, raises questions about equity in resource allocation.

As Pontypridd prepares for a new town centre location, residents in Aberdare and the Rhondda wonder if similar investments will be made in their towns to ensure operational police presence. Additionally, concerns arise regarding the financial strain on taxpayers, especially with the impending refurbishment of Ty Trevithick and the perennial cries of budgetary constraints from both the Council and the Police force. Another substantial tax hike appears imminent.


Strategic potential unlocked across Pontypridd

Working in partnership, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and South Wales Police have reached a favourable agreement that will enhance policing services within the area. This will see the Pontypridd Police Station building transferred into Council ownership. At the same time, Council office accommodation at Ty Trevithick, Abercynon, will transfer to South Wales Police and become the new Divisional Hub for South Wales Police.

The Pontypridd Police Station is a key anchor point within the town and ownership of the site allows the Council to look at the site and the surrounding area with a more strategic approach, in a similar way to how the Council has progressed previous regeneration in Pontypridd.

By working together, the Council and South Wales Police are making the best use of public assets and value for money for our residents.

South Wales Police will continue to retain an operational police presence at the current location, until final plans for the Pontypridd Police Station site are agreed, before moving to a new town centre location.

Councillor Tina Leyshon, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Corporate Services, said: “Acquiring the Police Station will provide a significant regeneration opportunity to redevelop a site at a key location in Pontypridd town centre, providing opportunities for the private sector to relocate and function from an accessible town centre location, as well as an opportunity to look at improving transportation in the area.

“Through this transfer, we are on track to adapt our estate to ensure it meets our future needs.

“The Llys Cadwyn development has been a huge success, increasing footfall in the town centre, providing welcome regeneration to the old Taff Vale precinct, and delivering modern and accessible public services as well as employment opportunities.

“With the ongoing redevelopment of the southern town centre around Taff Street, we are hopeful to emulate the successes we have already seen and continue to see in regenerating Pontypridd.”

Deputy Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Mark Travis, added:

“We recognise the importance of visible and accessible policing in Pontypridd, we commit to South Wales Police having an operational base in the town, this will include an improved Front Desk Service and a Neighbourhood Policing Service, with officers and Police Community Support Officers based within the town centre. We will relocate back-office Police functions to Ty Trevithick to improve efficiency for supporting roles and non-operational elements of policing within the area.

“This is a great example of the Council and Police working together to improve both organisational efficiency and services to the public. The current station no longer meets our operational needs and by reorganising our teams and bringing departments together we will be better able to plan and co-ordinate resources to deliver policing across the divisional area.”

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