RAAC found in Social Housing Hirwaun

RAAC found in Social Housing Hirwaun

Responding to the news that more than 40 households have been advised to evacuate after issues with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) were found, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, Shadow Housing Minister, said:

“News overnight of evacuations due to issues found with RAAC in housing association homes will be extremely concerning for tenants across Wales.

“Identifying and fixing these issues should be a matter of urgency, as it is unsustainable for families to live in hotels long term.

“Welsh Government must work to understand the potential risk of RAAC within social housing and housing association homes across Wales.”

Hirwaun and Penderyn and Rhigos Matters

RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) in Hirwaun

This afternoon, we were informed by Trivallis of properties affected by RAAC. We have recently left the estate, after speaking with some who have received letters informing them of the issue.

Around 40 properties (some Trivallis and some private) are affected by this isolated case, which was picked up by a survey. We are told that other Trivallis properties in the Ward are not identified as being affected.

Trivallis will be on-site all week, answering any questions residents have. And they will continue to identify the extent of the risk to each property whilst working with residents to meet their individual needs. They have ensured us that there will be full and honest communication.

For those who have received letters, Trivallis has said:

Trivallis puts tenant safety as the highest priority and in order to safeguard tenants, we have advised everyone affected to move out of their houses immediately. We are finding temporary accommodation for tenants to stay in while we survey their homes and plan what needs to be done to ensure the properties are safe.”

A dedicated number has been set up for residents affected by this- 01443 494559. In the meantime, residents should look at their insurance coverage and consider legal advice.

As your councillors, we will continue to ask questions and be available to you all. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Hirwaun: People urged to evacuate 44 homes after Raac found

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