Every COVID death was a family member

Every COVID death was a family member

Responding to today’s proceedings at the COVID inquiry, Russell George MS, Shadow Minister for Health, said:

“As the COVID inquiry turns to death rates, many across Wales will be reminded of how COVID touched their lives.

“Wales’ higher COVID death rate is not just a statistic. Each of those people are family members and friends. And the people who lost their loved ones deserve real answers. 

“The only way to get those answers is through a Wales-specific COVID inquiry.”

Families’ bravery to get answers

Following the second day of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry in Cardiff looking at the Welsh Government’s preparation, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Russell George MS, said:

“Today was a very difficult day for those who lost family members, having to relive that pain and suffering whilst giving evidence. Their bravery in speaking today was crucial is getting the answers we need.

“The Welsh Government was totally unprepared from ministers not reading documents, to delaying care home testing and not introducing mask wearing. How did the Labour Cabinet not discuss Covid until February 2020.

“By being different for the sake of being different the Welsh Government led Wales to the highest Covid death-rate in the UK. For that reason alone, in his final weeks as First Minister I plead with him to finally call an independent inquiry into his government’s handling of the pandemic, so families don’t have to go through what they did again.”

Gething automatically deleted messages, Covid inquiry hears



Transcript of Module 1 Public Hearing on 4 July 2023


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