One week left to renew your tax credits, HMRC warns

One week left to renew your tax credits, HMRC warns

Almost 172,000 tax credits customers have until 31 July to renew their annual claim and HM
Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is urging them to not miss out.

Customers who received a renewal pack with a red line across the first page and the words
‘reply now’ must respond to HMRC or risk having their payments stopped. Customers whose
packs had a black line across the first page and the words ‘check now’ only need to update
HMRC if their details have changed.

‘Reply now’ customers must tell HMRC about their current circumstances. Life changes
HMRC needs to know about include:
 Relationship changes, including marriage or separation
 Changes to the cost of childcare
 Your child leaves home
 Working hours fall below 30 hours a week
The full list of changes that could affect customers’ tax credits is on GOV.UK. ‘Reply now’
customers must respond to the request for information even if there have been no changes
to their circumstances.
The quickest and easiest way for customers to renew their tax credits is online at GOV.UK or
via the HMRC app.

Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s Director General for Customer Services, said:

“We know tax credits offer vital financial support for our customers so it is important that you
renew by the deadline on 31 July. It is quick and easy to renew online at GOV.UK or using
the HMRC app, just search ‘manage my tax credits’ on GOV.UK.”

Help and support is available on GOV.UK for customers renewing claims and HMRC has
released a video to explain how tax credits customers can use the HMRC app to view,
manage and update their details.

Criminals use tax credits renewals and other deadlines in scams to attempt to trick people
into sharing their banking or other personal details. Typical scam examples include emails or
texts claiming an individual’s details aren’t up to date and that they risk losing out on
payments that are due to them.

If a phone call, text or email is unexpected, do not give out private information or reply, and
do not download attachments or click on links. 

HMRC is also warning people not to share their login details with anyone else. Visit GOV.UK
for more information on how to report a scam or suspicious activity.
By the end of 2024, tax credits will be replaced by Universal Credit. Customers who receive
tax credits will receive a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions telling them when
to claim Universal Credit, or from the Department for Communities if they live in Northern
Ireland. It is important that customers claim by the deadline in the letter to continue receiving
financial support as their tax credits will end even if they decide not to claim Universal Credit.

The government is offering Help for Households. Check GOV.UK to find out what cost of
living support individuals could be eligible for.

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