Transport For Wales is it fit for purpose?

Transport For Wales is it fit for purpose?

Timetable changes cannot result in a scaled-back service

Commenting on the news that the chief executive of Transport for Wales was grilled by MPs today, Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies MS, said:

“The change in timetables being proposed by the TFW CEO is concerning, the service’s record on late trains is dreadful, with only 64% of trains arriving on time on the Wales and Border Lines. I and many users will be concerned that a timetable change will ultimately lead to fewer services being offered.

The Labour Government has failed to ensure that there is a reliable public transport system in Wales.

“The Labour Government has failed to ensure that there is a reliable public transport system in Wales. Considering their plans to punish motorists by grinding the traffic flow to a halt with their looney 20mph speed limit rollout and their banning of new road buildings, they must ensure public transport is a viable alternative.

“Labour themselves appear to be completely out of answers, with customer satisfaction still low, the people of Wales deserve a public transport system that benefits them, not a scaled back service that continues to be late.”

Just a few Tweets from Twitter today

I’m really sorry to hear that. Due to resource availability we are limited in the trains and carriages we are able to provide. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. ^Joe

live in Penarth, we get 4 glorious and gleaming new carriages for the short journey to Cardiff Central. Where I change onto an ancient and rammed 3 carriage rust bucket heading for Manchester…

Me too. I’ve genuinely never seen so many cancelled or delayed trains in my 23 years down here.

my train has been cancelled from CDQ to LLN AGAIN at 1615. It’s absolutely ridiculous and you are not fit for purpose. I can bet that you wont put more coaches on the next one either so we will all be packed in like a cattle truck again! Can you explain WHY????

Only one ? Why can’t you run the trains that are timetabled when they are supposed to run? People can’t get to work, get home from a night out. Whoever is in charge needs to have a serious look at their, and their staff’s level of competence

Well actually running the trains that are on the timetable would be a start. Going into Cardiff later. Not using the train as last time all trains back to Newport were cancelled. Can’t trust TFW or the joke of a Welsh Government

Transport for Wales Chief Executive to face MPs on cost overruns of the South Wales Metro and reliability of rail services

The Welsh Affairs Committee will be holding a one-off evidence session examining Transport for Wales (TfW), largely considering the increasing costs of the South Wales Metro.

When funding for the South Wales Metro was confirmed in 2018, £738 million was made available. However, more recently, this figure has increased to around £1 billion.

MPs will also likely discuss the reliability of train services across Wales. In recent months serious concerns have been raised about TfW rail services. In the year 2021-2022, 4% of TfW rail services were cancelled, an increase from 2.2% 2017-2020. This is despite fewer trains operating. Further, a Transport Focus survey found that there was only a 69% satisfaction with punctuality and reliability. Concerns have also been raised over maintenance of the fleet, have experienced three fires between February and March 2023 alone.

Members will also be asking witnesses about the South Wales mainline and bus services across Wales.

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