Councils told to step up on refugee housing

Councils told to step up on refugee housing

The Government has told councils to ‘step up’ efforts to provide permanent homes for Afghan refugees, having served legal notices to quit to those still in hotel accommodation.

Councils have raised concerns families would be made homeless ahead of the first of the notices, which are due to take effect at the end of the month.

Veterans affairs minister Johnny Mercer has written to all local authorities ‘strongly encouraging’ them to ‘support and match as many households as possible into settled accommodation’ as the Government attempts to bring down the ongoing costs of refugees in bridging accommodation.

He said funding of £7,100 per person was being provided for deposits, furniture and rent.

The Home Office can provide housing and financial support to a person who has claimed asylum if they do not have accommodation and/ or cannot afford to meet their essential living needs.

Section 98 support is meant to be temporary, emergency support for people seeking asylum who have applied and are waiting for Section 95 support. It is often called “initial accommodation”. Section 98 support is usually in the form of full board at a Home Office hostel/hotel.


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