Solar Panel Grant Success

Solar Panel Grant Success

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council have recently secured funding through the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund to implement a grant to support RCT residents in purchasing Solar Panels for their homes.

One of the Council’s priorities is to make existing homes more energy efficient through technologies such as solar panels. The Solar Panel Grant will help residents with the cost of purchasing and installing Solar PV Panels on their homes. Residents are able to receive 25% towards the total cost of purchase and installation, up to a maximum of £1,000 contribution to the overall cost.

If you are a home-owner in RCT, Solar Panels may be a suitable option for you to reduce your homes carbon emissions and save money on your electricity bill by generating your own renewable energy. Solar panels work by capturing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity, direct sunlight is not needed in order for the sun’s energy to be captured as electricity can even be generated on cloudy days!

Since the launch of the grant, many residents have already benefited and installed Solar Panels. Here’s what some of those applicants had to say.

Geraint Williams was interested in installing solar panels in order to reduce his monthly outgoings long term in preparation for retirement. He was grateful to be able to receive a £1,000 contribution towards the cost of works and is already seeing benefits to having the solar PV installed. His energy bills have halved in price and he also plans to sell surplus electricity back to the national grid during the sunnier months. Geraint stated he was overall very pleased with the grant and the service he received throughout the grant process.

Mike Walker had been interested in getting solar panels due to the rise in energy prices and also wanted a backup power source in the event of any power outages. When he came across information on the grant on Facebook, he thought it was a great opportunity to help him purchase and install solar panels as he was able to receive a substantial contribution towards the overall cost. He has felt the benefits of the solar panels immediately, with his grid electricity usage decreased drastically. He thanked the Councils Heat & Save team for their support during the grant process.

Cllr Mark Norris, Cabinet Member for Development & Prosperity said:

“The Solar Panel Grant offers a great opportunity for our residents to invest in green energy by making solar panels more affordable.

“It’s wonderful to hear how the Solar Panel Grant has benefitted those who have had solar panels installed on their properties, and I hope many more residents will benefit from this scheme in the coming months.”

If you’d like more information on the Solar Panel Grant and other services the Heat & Save team offer please visit their webpage

Or if you’d like to discuss how the solar panel grant could benefit you get in touch with the Heat & Save team on 01443 281136 or heatandsave@rctcbc.gov.uk to discuss further.

Posted on 20/03/2023

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