A stream flowing below a redundant coal tip Ynyshir Rhondda

A stream flowing below a redundant coal tip Ynyshir Rhondda

This stream comes from a 6” pipe in the bottom of the lower tips, which in recent years has resulted in much more water flowing off the quarry edge. Neighbours have told me in 40 years of living here… this is something new, below this old quarry are the lower coal tips.


The work done to the tips by the NCB in the 60s & 70s was to divert water away from this section of the tip site. 55 years later, is appears some more water diversion is needed.

Instead, we have the prospect of more water entering the coal tips with the development of industrial-size wind turbines, thousands of tonnes of trackway in place of vegetation, thousands of tonnes of aggregate for the ability to crane lift the turbines and thousands of tonnes of concrete to sink the foundations into this boggy land.

The developer has not provided any information on the drainage to the west of the development or the potential effect on the coal tips. Even if they did, wouldn’t it be better for an independent assessment to take place?

The Halcrow reports state there is a pipe in the bottom of the lower coal tips. (In fact there are two, a larger one a little more to the south, at the top right of the quarry as you look at it from below. 

Does seem sensible for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to discharge the drainage conditions associated with the wind turbine with high-risk coal tips directly below?


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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