Council tax in Wales has become a postcode lottery

Council tax in Wales has become a postcode lottery

Local Government finance reform is the fairest way forward, say Welsh Conservatives

Commenting after his statement made in the Senedd today, Welsh Conservative Shadow Local Government Minister, Sam Rowlands MS said:

“The Welsh Conservatives are calling for a review into the council funding formula in Wales. As it stands the funding formula remains outdated, inconsistent, and frankly unfair.

‘’Councils such as Rhondda, Caerphilly and Carmarthenshire are hoarding over £200 million each in reserves, whilst simultaneously raising council tax – negatively impacting some of the most disadvantaged in our communities who are already facing rising cost of living pressures.

“For more than 20 years, Welsh taxpayers have seen council tax double, while others have seen it treble. This year some will see a 1% rise, with other Welsh taxpayers facing a hike of 10%.

‘’Council tax in Wales has become a postcode lottery and sadly the only thing consistent about council tax rates in Wales, is their inconsistency.”

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