The surgical team treat the oldest patient using innovative technique allowing patients to return home the same day

Patients receiving certain kinds of orthopaedic surgery could be back in their own homes on the same day thanks to an innovative approach being taken at the Princess of Wales Hospital. 


The day unit team at the Bridgend hospital have been using a new approach to orthopaedic surgery which means patients might be able to continue their recovery in the comfort of their own home later the same day.  


There are many different benefits to this approach. By patients returning home shortly after their operation they can recover in their own familiar surrounding with the support of family members. It also means more available beds within the hospital as it reduces the hospital stay from four days to 0 days. 


The hospital was the first in Wales to complete this approach in 2018 and has had many successful surgeries with no re-admissions. Patients are asked if they would be happy to return home the same day as their operation and then selected depending on their general health, mobility and family support.  


Patients are contacted by the nursing staff in the Day Surgery Unit two days before their procedure. Nursing staff will go through the day, explaining what will happen and reassure them regarding any concerns they may have.  Nursing staff also use this opportunity to ensure the patient has adequate support and is prepared for the post-operative period at home.  They will also have an assessment with physiotherapy prior to going to surgery where they are taught how to use crutches correctly, climb stairs/steps and be given information regarding exercises to undertake at home in the post-operative period.  Following their surgery, the patient will return to the Day Surgery Unit for their extended recovery.   

Once the patient is recovered, they are then discharged home with contact information if they have any queries. During their recovery, they will receive phone calls home from the day surgery unit to ensure everything is going smoothly.  


Using this innovative approach, the team recently treated their oldest patient. Mr David Taylor (pictured centre), 85, from Ogmore-by-Sea, recently underwent knee surgery at the hospital. Mr Taylor arrived for his operation at 7.30am and was picked up by a family member at 5.30pm.  


Mr Taylor, who had his operation in December and has made a full recovery, loves gardening and enjoys cycling and going for walks. The pain and discomfort in his knee stopped him from doing many of the things he loved and he couldn’t wait for normal life without the pain. 


He said: “In and out in one day, it’s fantastic. 


“I wasn’t nervous to come home shortly after my operation; it didn’t even cross my mind. I ticked all the boxes that needed ticking about my mobility, family support, my health. I had every confidence in my surgeon and his team. 


“I received all the support I needed from the surgeon, day surgery ward and physio. Being able to be in my own home after the operation had finished was the icing on the cake. 


“I am able to do my gardening, look forward to getting back on the bike and going for some longer walks. I’ve got nothing but praise for my surgeon, I am very grateful.” 


Mr Amit Chandratreya, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Princess of Wales Hospital, said: “This approach is a huge benefit to both the hospital and patient. Patients will recover better being at home, in a homely environment. Having your own food, being in your own bed and being in familiar surroundings is all beneficial for a patient’s physical recovery as well as their mindset.” 


Mr Rahul Kotwal, Orthopaedic Consultant at Princess of Wales Hospital, said: “Patients are so happy when we give them this option. It has and continues to be an enormous success.” 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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