Dither and delay is the Labour way means school uniform support is still inadequate

Labour’s Education Minister in Wales has announced a consultation into the cost of school uniforms, weeks after the start of term.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Minister, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

“Jeremy Miles has announced yet another consultation on this. We all know what the problems are, we know what’s available now and what has worked across schools, that have already taken matters into their own hands.

“Cost of living concerns have exacerbated financial worries, but the problems and solutions remain the same, in terms of the ‘eye watering’ cost of school uniform. Iron/sewn on labels need to be promoted and available for parents, so basic uniform can be bought at a much reduced cost.

“Children and young people grow quickly, so uniform costs spiral into hundreds of pounds, with some border schools having to go into England to buy uniform at significant cost.

“The Welsh Government said they understood these concerns and would have support in place for the beginning of this school term, but failed to do so, before parents already had bought uniform. Parents having to fork out £100’s in late Summer, unaware that support was there, or going to be there.

“The Welsh Government need to stop ‘warm words’ and multiple consultations that ‘kick the can down the road’ and deliver help to families and support schools that need help now.”

Former Education Minister, Kirsty Williams suggested scrapping logos back in 2018, to cut costs.

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