RCT Council response to dog fouling but what about the volume of litter on our streets?

RCT Council response to dog fouling but what about the volume of litter on our streets?

Talking to parents who have children in Cwmdare Ysgol G.G. Aberdare they complain about the volume of dog mess on footways and public rights of way around the school this is not a new problem and it is one of the most talked about if you have small children running round not looking and mothers with prams pushchairs.

Some years ago the council had a big purge on dog owners and displayed a number of them in a photograph sporting dog waste bins but where have they all gone and why is dog fouling on the increase?


Also posted today on Twitter is a resident complaining about the volume of litter on our streets.

And what about all the broken glass bottles and fast food packaging on pavements everywhere you walk around the valley 

You have to agree with the resident not only agree with him local councillors also agree with him otherwise why would local councillors arrange litter picking days for their neighbourhoods? Local residents are becoming so fed up with the state of our environment that even they are forming groups to have weekly litter picks, Cwmbach Community Wetlands have regular litter picks and it is incredible how much they collect in a day from one week's litter.

The legislation is in place for our streets to be cleaned by our council so why is this not happening discarded litter old food packaging and dog fouling is a public health hazard, So why are councillors organising litter picks instead of getting the council to do what we all pay our council tax for is that not what we voted them in office for?

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 imposes duties to keep land clear of litter and refuse, and on local authorities to keep clean public highways for which they are responsible to the council who has a duty of care to keep our streets clean. 

Below is taken from Twitter 

 RCT Council Please can you get someone to clean the volume of dog faeces around Cwmdare Ysgol G.G. Aberdare? Do you have any dog wardens now? They used to get their photos taken previously now dog fouling is on the increase with additional officers you employed to prevent this.

Your ref: 101006909729 Please can you answer the question referencing dog wardens?

RCT Council response Thanks for your response. We have DM'd you regarding this.

"Please see the below response from the councils Public Health & Protection department in relation to your recent enquiry regarding the authority's provision of dog wardens; 'The Council runs a combined pest and animal control service with two animal wardens as part of that service. The animal wardens routinely patrol the county borough to deal with straying animals, as well as responding to requests from members of the public to pick up stray dogs. Part of their role also includes promoting responsible dog ownership.

The animal wardens do not routinely deal with complaints of animal fouling, they are dealt with by enforcement officers from the councils streetcare department.'"


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