Adam Price needs to be honest with the people of Wales?

Plaid report is “nothing but back-of-the-envelope fantasy figures”



Commenting on Plaid Cymru’s report on independence, Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies MS, said:

“The report makes some wild predictions on what a future Welsh Government would do if Wales became independent.

“In this scenario the Welsh Government would forgo any responsibility in keeping us safe – abandoning defence spending and ending the current style of UK Aid to developing nations. Not to mention having no ambition for a Wales foreign policy with embassies closing around the world.

“And apparently the Welsh state would be able to negotiate a deal with the UK Government to avoid debt coming our way.

“This report is nothing but back of the envelope fantasy figures to justify Plaid’s obsession. Adam Price needs to be honest with the people of Wales and explain what he would cut from our military, diplomatic service and aid budget.

“Instead of tackling the Labour Government on Wales being the only nation in the UK to see increasing child poverty or the endless cost of pain crisis with every growing NHS waiting lists, Plaid have joined Labour cap in hand for more politicians and wasting time of voodoo economics.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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