New Endoscopy Pilot at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

The endoscopy team at Royal Glamorgan Hospital is taking part in a pilot project aimed at transforming the way that endoscopies are performed, to reduce waiting times and to increase patient comfort.

Led by Consultant Hepatologist Dr Dai Samuel, the project is trialling the use of trans nasal endoscopy (TNE) equipment, which means that endoscopy procedures can be carried out via the nose rather than the throat using a much smaller scope.

Dr Samuel said; “Traditional endoscopies have long been considered by some patients to be an uncomfortable experience and it is a procedure that has to be done in a theatre setting. The nasal endoscopy is far different and much more comfortable. It removes the need for sedation so we can carry out the procedure in an outpatient room to make a diagnosis and has the potential to be performed away from acute hospital sites and even in GP surgeries. It is far quicker and more convenient for our patients so will have a real impact on our waiting lists.”

This pilot has been come to fruition because of the excellent team work and collaboration between our endoscopy team, led by Sister Rhiannon Bowen and Diane Morgan, Moondance and Olympus, but also colleagues in our ENT department, IT department and outpatient team, as well as amazing support from our directorate colleagues. Without all of these parties this would not have been possible.

The pilot project is funded at Cwm Taf Morgannwg and Cardiff and Vale UHBs by the Moondance Cancer Initiative, and following an evaluation of the pilot, the aim is for all health boards across Wales to offer the procedure.

“The ability to use this equipment is so important,” explained Dr Samuel. “This will lead to a quicker diagnosis for more patient and allow people who are anxious or can't tolerate a traditional endoscopy to have equitable care and outcomes. It also frees up our theatres for procedures that require therapy which can't be performed elsewhere.”

 Megan Mathias, Chief Executive at Moondance Cancer Initiative said: “We believe that innovations like TNE create a significant opportunity to transform early diagnosis and detection of cancer in Wales. Through this project, Hasan Haboubi at Cardiff and Vale, and Dai Samuel are leading the way in demonstrating that TNE has a place going forward in our diagnostic pathways.”

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