Hire prison leavers to bolster workforce

Today firms have said they are struggling to recruit in the face of record job vacancies. Nacro is calling for firms to hire those with criminal records to reduce reoffending and bolster the workforce. See the comment below: 

Nacro chief executive Campbell Robb said: “We are overlooking one vital resource to address the country’s shortage of candidates, hiring prison leavers. Each month around 4,000 people leave prison, but only 14% are in employment six months later.
Yet, employers who hire prison leavers often say prison leavers are harder working and more reliable workers. Alongside this, having work is a vital factor in reducing reoffending. Yet so many viable job candidates could be overlooked simply because they have a criminal record.
The UK economy can no longer afford to ignore those leaving prison, we have a golden opportunity to reduce reoffending and staff shortages in one fell swoop.”


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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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