Cladding: Wales flat owners feel ‘abandoned’ on funding

Not a penny spent on building safety in Wales – Welsh Conservative response

Despite £60m being made available in Barnett consequentials as a result of the British Government’s spending, Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay have failed to spend a single penny on building safety, a report by BBC Wales has revealed.

In a recent response to a Freedom of Information request, the Labour Government said £59m of funding received as a result of spending in England on cladding remediation and building safety work had been spent elsewhere in Wales.

Campaign group, Welsh Cladiators, said it was "very disappointed" the Labour-run Welsh Government was yet to spend "a single penny on remediation work for unsafe private buildings in Wales when England have had buildings receive funds and completed work".

Commenting on the report, Welsh Conservative and Shadow Minster for Housing, Janet Finch-Saunders, said:

“Residents are rightly angry that they’ve been abandoned by Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay.

“The funding for building safety should have been used for that purpose in Wales, and every day that Labour ministers delay the rollout of support is another day where people fear for the safety of their families and homes.

“Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay need to accept the responsibility of being in government and immediately bring forward plans to support people living in such dangerous accommodation before another tragedy strikes.”

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