is the Cynon Valley MS pleased that the local council is building on a floodplain?

is the Cynon Valley MS pleased that the local council is building on a floodplain?

Well there was an election due and the Cynon Valley MS is pleased that the local council is building on a floodplain well she did help to secure the project,  “I'm pleased to have helped secure a number of projects, such as the new units on Robertstown Industrial Estate,” Taken from Twitter


Rhondda Cynon Taf Council went ahead with the Construction of 20 number industrial starter units for general industrial storage and distribution despite objections from Natural Resources Wales who said, “We object to the proposed development as submitted as it has not been demonstrated that the risks and consequences of flooding can be managed to an acceptable level in accordance with TAN15.”


NRW said, “Our advice is one of objection because the whole site is not designed to be flood free during a 1 in 100 year plus climate change flood event and the development would result in an increase in flood risk elsewhere, outside of the development site.” As a result of raising the buildings above the predicted flood levels, there is an increase in flood risk elsewhere. The impacts on flood risk elsewhere during the predicted 0.1% (1 in 1000 year) flood event is far more widespread. This is not in line with section A1.12 of TAN15. The roads serving the site are liable to flooding.


Rhondda Cynon Taf Council still allowing building on local floodplains so the question is why build in Robertstown on a floodplain is costing taxpayers more in construction costs as the units have to be raised out of the flood zone. As well as a flood potential poor access to the site a low bridge from the so-called Aberdare bypass a level crossing at the other end virtually on a roundabout and another 300 houses to be built on the old Aberdare hospital site. Increasing traffic on the Ynys roundabout already a bottleneck at peak times no forward-thinking from the council.


There is a large area called the Hirwaun Industrial Estate easy access not on a flood plain that has lots of potential building land available as you can see from the above photograph, as most of the large factory units have been demolished take a trip it's like a ghost town to what it was in its heyday. So why didn't the council build the units on the Hirwaun Industrial Estate?

The Welsh Government own the site so why has it deteriorated so much over the last 22 years since Welsh Labour has been in power in Cardiff. What has successive Cynon Valley Labour MPs AMs and MS done to make Hirwaun Industrial Estate a strong source of employment for local people?


How many remember working on the Rhigos Industrial Estate originally built as Royal Ordnance Factory-built between May 1941 and February 1942, at the end of the war, in 1945, the Board of Trade took over the site for use as an industrial estate.


Hirwaun Historical Society provides the details shown below. http://website.hirwaunhistorical.org.uk/industries/hirwaun-industrial-estate 


Details obtained from W.W.Price Collection in Aberdare Library. These are some of the tenant companies that set up in business on the Hirwaun Industrial Estate after the closing down of the Royal Ordnance Factory.


Aman Metal Spinners – Made articles in spun metal

Arcy Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Clothing

Angel Upholstery Ltd. – Furniture

Brush Material Manufacturing Co. ltd – Brush making machinery

Cambrian Casting – Makers of non-ferrous castings

Cyanamid Products Ltd – Production of Aureomycin

Concrete Utilities ltd – Manufacture of concrete electric street lighting columns

Chemco Metals – Makers of cigarette lighters

Messrs. Chamberlain & Hookham – Meter makers & Electrical engineers

Dunlop Holdings – Latex Products

Darecraft Metal Products ltd – Agriculture, Horticultural and poultry appliances

Electron ic Components ltd – Electronic components, tool making and Press work

Embee Abrasives Ltd – Abrasives

Engard Fans – Industrial Fans

Electric & Household Utilities – Manufacturers of Table lamps, lampshades and plastic Utility articles

Eko Clocks and Watches Ltd – Synchronous clocks, wristlet and pocket watches

Fisco Ltd – Manufacturers of drawing pins, paper punches, stapling machines, steel tapes, etc

Glamorgan County Ambulance Station – Ambulance garage

Howell & Botham – Manufacturers of articles from aluminium

Holloway ltd

Harry Smith (Moore Abbott) Ltd

Hirwaun Glassworks Co – Manufacturers of glassware products

H Morris Trading as Model Pattern & Woodworking – Pattern makers

J.J.Castings Investment Co Ltd – Dental & Jewellery Investments

Lastex Yarn & Lactron Thread Ltd – Latex products

Mark Templeman & Son – Industrial Gloves

Murphy Radio – Television sets and radios

MYM Products – Metal Stampings and Pressings

Morgan & Brace Ltd – Machine Tools

Ministry of Food – Storage only

Pespecraft Ltd – Model planes, toys etc.

Parrys Butterfull – Cakes Food Products

Purma Cameras – Purma Precision Engineering Co. Ltd Light engineering

Qually Meats Ltd – Preparation and distribution of pre-packed meat

RF Equipment Co. Ltd (Sobell Radio) – Valve components

Radio & Allied Industries – Radio and televisions

Stratton Glassfibre Fabricating Co. – Boat building

C. Saunders & Son – Welding

Sobell’s Industries – Manufacturers of television sets, radios , and radiograms.

Thorn’s Electrical Company – Ferguson Radio Made electric globes

Truvox Engineering Co. Ltd – Radio; Acoustic; Electrical & Domestic Utensils. Electric irons and fires

Tyre Disposals Ltd

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