Welsh Conservatives react to mass Covid testing in schools

Reacting to the announcement that  “serial Covid-19 testing” using lateral flow tests will be introduced in schools and colleges from January, the Shadow Minister for Education – Suzy Davies MS – said:

“Welsh Conservatives have long recognised that the use of the TTP process as used in schools is not fit for purpose, because it has not worked well enough to prevent entire year groups from being sent home when one positive case has been reported.

“For months we have been calling for increased testing in schools, and so we welcome the introduction of lateral flow tests, which are a quick – 30 minutes or less for a result – method of identifying who can remain in school as normal, and who needs to self-isolate.”

Andrew RT Davies MS – the Shadow Minister for Health – added:

“While we basically welcome this approach for testing in schools, it’s time that the Welsh Labour-led Government ramped up lateral flow testing at hospitals. Hospitals are reporting high percentages of staff self-isolating, and therefore putting increasing strain on services and remaining staff.

“Labour has said that lateral-flow testing will be carried out on frontline hospital staff twice a week, but this is not enough, and three or more times a week should be brought in.

“Again, this is a measure that Welsh Conservatives have called for as part of an overall testing regime that is absolutely crucial for keeping our people safe and well informed, and keeping our hospitals well-staffed over winter.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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