RCTC Cabinet Approve PSPO for Dog Fouling Extension

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Cabinet have agreed to extend the existing tough measures to tackle dog fouling across the County Borough.

In October 2017, RCT Council was one of the first Local Authorities to introduce strict rules in terms of dog controls, when it put in place a Public Spaces and Protection Order (PSPO).

The response from the public to the current PSPO, which has been in place for three years, has been overwhelmingly positive and, in an independent report produced by Keep Wales Tidy, dog fouling on RCT streets had reached an all-time low – with dog fouling being recorded on 9.6% of streets in 2019-20. This is only the second time since 2007/08, that dog fouling has been found on fewer than 10% of streets across the County Borough. The report also remarks that “Animal faeces and glass have seen year on year improvements since 2016-17”.

During May, residents were given the opportunity to take part in a four-week consultation process on whether the existing measures should be extended to continue to tackle this unsightly issue. The public response was once again overwhelmingly in favour of the measures – with over 90% of respondents agreeing with each of the elements of the Dog Control PSPOs and that they should be continued over the next 3 years.

The PSPO will see the following rules continue to be enforced:

  • Dog owners MUST clean up their dog mess immediately and dispose of it properly.
  • Dog owners MUST carry means to pick up dog mess (i.e. bags) at all times.
  • Dog owners MUST follow a direction from an authorised officer to put a dog on a lead.
  • Dogs are BANNED from all schools, children’s play areas and marked sports pitches maintained by the Council.
  • Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times in Council maintained cemeteries.

View the Public Spaces Protection order 2017

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) allows Enforcement Officers to issue a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice for failure to adhere to any of the above.

A separate PSPO, for Aberdare Park only, was also introduced on October 1, 2017, and states that dogs must be kept on leads at all times in Aberdare Park – this will also now be extended for three years.

A council spokesperson “I know that dog fouling is a key issue for residents which is why my Cabinet colleagues and I are pleased that we have the publics’ support in the extension of the current PSPO, which has made a marked difference to RCT streets.

“With residents’ support, we can tackle the issue together by building on the success so far and ensuring that the minority of people who allow their dogs to foul in public places are held to account.”

A council spokesperson said. During the current coronavirus pandemic, more and more residents have been utilising outdoor spaces for daily exercise and it is perhaps even more vital now than ever that dog owners take notice of the current PSPO rules, that are in place to keep our streets, fields and parks dog mess free.

“The PSPO has ensured that we have seen a marked reduction of dog mess across the County Borough, but the Council is still continuing to receive a small number of complaints around dog fouling on its streets and sports pitches, which is not only unsightly, but could lead to major health consequences at a time when NHS resources are already stretched – and I would ask residents to please think and act to ensure that these areas remain dog (waste) free.”

During these unprecedented times, the Council’s dedicated Streetcare team are continuing to do all they can to carry out their ‘normal’ enforcement duties and we would ask residents to help us where they can, by simply cleaning up after their dogs – just think Bag IT and Bin IT! Despite the national emergency, the Council will take action if necessary but we are calling on dog owners to act responsibly at all times.

For more information or to report dog fouling, visit report dog fouling 

Posted on Monday 5th October 2020
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