Penalty charge notices for motorists in Cardiff rose by nearly 300 per cent

Russell George MS – the Shadow Minister for Economy, Business, and Infrastructure – has reacted to a news report today (August 19) on fines for motorists saying that drivers must not be seen as “cash cows”.

According to the report – based on a FoI request by the RAC – penalty charge notices for motorists in Cardiff rose by nearly 300 per cent (19,080 to 74,142) from 2018-19 compared with 2016-17. 

Mr George – whose portfolio includes transport – said:

“Look, we all accept that, for health and green issues, we should be encouraging more motorists to switch from cars to public transport or bicycles. However, drivers should be nudged, not fined, into making these changes.

“The feeling of many drivers I’ve spoken with is that the ever-increasing use of cameras to spot and record infringements is less about making the roads safer or greener, but more about using them as revenue generators. Motorists shouldn’t be seen as cash cows.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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