Is Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council accountable?

We’re all aware of COVID 19 and the disruption caused in the early days but things are slowly getting back to normal if it ever will be normal again, we are informed that all schools will be open for all pupils in September around 3 weeks time with no social distancing in place.


My question is why has Rhondda Cynon Taf Council stopped answering resident’s questions on social media granted they do respond to some but not all is it because they think they don’t have to be accountable to residents the people who voted them in? Is it because the ruling party labour has such a large majority and no real opposition?


Is there a reason for them not to answer basic questions as the RCTC Twitter account is well used by the council and some questions answered therefore it is being monitored and also the leader of the council is also answering some residents. This is not having a go at frontline staff who, after all are just doing what they are told and doing a great job under the circumstances.


Looking on RCTCBC Twitter account there is a lot of unanswered questions.


Why has the “Weekly list of Planning Applications” not been updated when applications have to be reported in the press this function of publicity of Public Notices has been used by RCTC, the council should be Informing the public of what’s happening in their area building say 200 houses will have a detrimental effect to the local and wider area with related infrastructure.


The council has closed off a number of Public Rights of Ways (PROW) as reported again on Twitter by residents asking when will the PROW be reopened some questions get a response others do not. I have asked several times when is the PROW and Iron Bridge in Trecynon is being repaired and the PROW reopened. Having emailed CADW sometime ago as the iron bridge is grade 2 listed, CADW informed me they are waiting for information from RCTC but writing to the PROW Officer Jason Bragg asking when will this happen to have no response from him. I said the council is unaccountable to basic questions the bridge allows pedestrians to cross under the Aberdare bypass on the PROW the safe option for pedestrians.


I expect we all remember storm Dennis and the impacted on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 February, just a week after Storm Ciara. RCT was hit with the full force of the storm Cynon Valley was badly hit Pontypridd and lower down Rhondda and let’s not forget the village of Pentre homes in parts of the village have been flooded 4 times. Some residents have asked for a public enquiry as to why the problems persist will they get a public inquiry is a Labour-controlled council and labour Welsh Government open and accountable? Let’s not forget Natural Resources Wales is not an independent organisation it is the responsibility of the Welsh Government.


Let’s not forget every penny that the Welsh Government and council spend is someone’s tax money it may be in grant form or as the council say capital spending money the public are footing the bill, do we ever see a reduction in our council tax? Council tax goes up year on year and the council are always saying there is insufficient funds and have to save X amount for in the next financial year.


The question is do you think the council is open and accountable?

Have you asked a question and still waiting for the answer?


A question for the council, what was the total cost of demolishing the old athletic track in the Ynys, the cost of removing all the asbestos in the old Sobell Leisure Centre, demolition of the old Sobell Leisure Centre and rebuilding a new athletic track on the site of the old Sobell Centre including all the Prelims?


A few more million pounds more than the “£3M athletics facilities delivered in Aberdare” as RCTC press release reported it.


RCTC Official Twitter account,

“Official RCTCBC Twitter account. Open to answer queries 9 am-5 pm weekdays.”


The meaning of queries is to question, inquire examine ask


Is Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council accountable? 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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