Access the RCT Library Service from your home

From downloading books, e-audio and comics to viewing photo archives and learning a new language – you can access numerous FREE resources through the RCT Library Service from the comfort of your home. 

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the closure of all library buildings across the County Borough, along with the suspension of the mobile library service – in accordance with public health advice. However, residents can still enjoy an array of content through our online library resources, which are available here

The service has recently expanded the range of downloadable books that are accessible, while the many other resources available online include:

  • Borrowbox – e-books and e-audio
  • Comics Plus: Library Edition
  • Zinio – digital magazines
  • Transparent Languages Online – learn a language through online language packs.
  • Credo Reference Online
  • Theory Test Pro
  • Digital Magazine collection – choose from more than 300 magazines.
  • RCT Libraries Heritage Trail
  • RCT Libraries Photographic Archive

In order to access these resources users should click on the ‘Join the Library’ link on the webpage, and follow the instructions to register. They will be given a library number which will allow sign up for the range of resources.

Meanwhile, our Libraries team continues to engage with customers on social media – including the use of our digital collections and our ongoing anthology competition. Find our page on Facebook by searching ‘RCT Libraries’.

 “While the much-loved library buildings and popular mobile library are currently unavailable due to the public health emergency, the RCT Libraries Service has made available a wide selection of resources which local residents can access from home.

“These include downloadable books and audio, photograph archives, driving theory content, more than 300 magazines and online packs to help learn a new language. These are all excellent resources which allow residents to continue using our library service at this time. 

"I’d urge residents to log on from home – whether you are a regular library user familiar to what’s available, or are new to the service with some free time to explore the resources. There is no charge for accessing the service, and residents can get a library number through the quick sign-up process.”

Posted on Wednesday 1st April 2020
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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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