Coronavirus: Joint Statement by WLGA and Welsh Government

Joint statement by Minister for Housing and Local Government, Julie James, and leader of the Welsh Local Government Association, Cllr Andrew Morgan


“We are facing a serious public health emergency, which has the potential to affect large numbers of people across Wales and to cause major disruption to normal daily life.

“We know people are worried. If we work together we can overcome challenges together.

“Local government services are at the heart of every community in Wales. They are relied on by children, adults and the elderly every day in every part of Wales. The coronavirus outbreak will have an impact on public services – as demand for key services will increase but there will be fewer people providing them.

“We are working together to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. The Welsh Government is committed to ensuring local government has the support and resources it needs as we face this outbreak together.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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