So just how much will this Labour administration payup for the Welsh people?

The Welsh Government has set up a £10m emergency fund to help with the immediate aftermath of the floods but the cost of infrastructure damage and the investment needed to address the climate emergency go far beyond this.

So just how much will this Labour administration pay up for the Welsh people after the flooding? 


Below some of the Welsh Labour Government lost millions the list below taken from the Internet


During the late 1990s, Welsh public bodies paid out £131m to LG companies the trouble was only half that number of jobs were ever created, and by 2006 the last LG factory in Wales had closed. Although £71m was recovered it still meant a net loss of £60m to the taxpayer.


The project, which began in 2000, planned to modernise Ministry of Defence (MoD) facilities at St Athan and build a £77m super hangar for fast jet repair. But in 2005, the MoD decided to switch work to other RAF bases. It ended up costing the taxpayer £113m and failed to create the thousands of jobs planned.


Canolfan Cywain was opened in Bala, Gwynedd, with fanfare in April 2008 and was described as a heritage, rural life and sculpture centre. By September 2011, it was closed. It had been losing money and had cost the public purse a total of £3.4m.


Welsh taxpayers may have lost out by £15m as a result of the way publicly owned land was sold.


Between 2014 and 2017, £15.3m was handed to energy and environmental projects. Tidal Energy Ltd, which went into administration in October 2016, received £8m in EU structural funds as well as £49,000 investment from the Welsh Government.


A £3.5m public sector loan to a construction firm Dawnus that went into administration


Cuddy Recycling

£228,000 cash from the Welsh Government's Welsh Economic Growth Fund the firm folded in 2018


In 2006 a cooking lessons on a bus the cooking bus was pulling up at primary schools across the country on a mission to teach children about making healthy meals.  The total cost of the failed project was likely to be more than £5m and Public Health Wales acknowledged it needed to do things differently.


Kung Fu lodge, in 2007 the Welsh government bought the derelict River Lodge hotel with plans to lease it to community group Powys Fadog, led by martial arts expert Pol Wong.

But the deal soon got the chop and two separate investigations found £1.6m of public money had been wasted.


A cheese maker in North Wales has gone into administration it came just two years after firm received a £1.7m grant from Welsh Government in 2017

Kancoat Ltd. operated an aluminium-coil-coating production line in Swansea from 2012. The company received financial support support from the Welsh Government worth £3.4 million in loans and grants. The company went into administration in September 2014 with losses to the public purse put at £1.5 million.


Ministers bought £6.3m Pinewood site 'without full survey'

Ministers pay £1m to Qatar Airways to market Wales



Ministers have revealed that no funding has been tied to the electric car production announcement however it emerged that Aston Martin had a £13m grant that had not previously been made public.




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