When you place your X in the box tomorrow who you are voting for to run the country

So one week to go before the next general election thankfully it's just under a week if it went on any longer the labour dreamer McDonnell the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer will be promising free groceries on Fridays from every supermarket. Is he living in the real world? Labour promises to deliver free yes-free broadband to every house and business in the country, Christmas is coming and its pantomime season and McDonnell must have Aladdin’s magic lamp if you keep believing his fantasies.

Back in the real world where hardworking people know you don’t get anything for nothing someone always has to pay it’s a fact of life, someone should tell McDonnell. 


Locally in the Cynon Valley election what’s on the table again with the new labour candidate same as before blaming the conservatives for everything just happily or conveniently forgetting labour have been running Wales for the last 20 years. Why should labour campaign on anything else Tory bashing has worked for years to get labour reelected so why change the system if it works?


Cynon Valley voted to leave the European Union in the referendum the prospective labour candidate has been asked how she would vote to date no response from her as she must tow the party line labour is now a remain party and the party must come first, residents last, they are just voters that don’t count in the bigger picture this was plainly shown by the outgoing Labour MP it was self with her and dam the constants who are they to tell me what to do.


I see labour are not fantasizing about the rail passenger extension from Aberdare to Hirwaun this time but it was used by the last MP and AM when they wanted your vote is it going to happen? Transport for Wales said, “We're aware of the option for extending services to Hirwaun. This is not currently a committed requirement. However, the Welsh Government will continue to consider options such as this as part of future development of the network”  


Let us not forget labour closed Aberdare Police Station again blaming it on austerity but the police and council have funding to send 2 officers and 2 Rhondda Cynon Taf Council officers out together looking for dog fouling in some rear lane and posted about it on Twitter with photograph is this the best use of police resources? Surely one person would be surfactant as they have a body camera? Better use of resources would be reopening Aberdare Police Station to the public?  

Just don’t ask a labour MP or AM to question why labour would not reopen the police station they can’t as the South Wales Police Commissioner who is responsible is a Labour man and again the party comes before constituents need every time.  


When you place your X in the box tomorrow think just who you are voting for just who will be running the country because this is just part of what you are voting for if you want a Labour government do you genuinely want them in charge?

 Best of luck with that then 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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