Welsh Government Child Poverty Review

The Welsh Government is currently undertaking a cross-government review of their programmes and services to ensure they have maximum impact on the lives of children, young people and families living in poverty.

Many of their existing programmes are designed to support families living in poverty with day-to-day living costs (eg. Free School Meals, Pupil Deprivation Grant Access and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme). Some services provide support for disadvantaged individuals and families, such as Flying Start and Families First. While others provide more medium to long-term support to improve health, training and employment opportunities (eg. Childcare Offer Wales, Education Maintenance Allowance, Communities for Work Plus).

Thinking about the range of existing Welsh Government funded programmes and services in your area, specifically designed to support children, young people and families living in poverty, we are interested to hear your views on the following:

  • What programme(s)/initiative(s), if any, do you believe are having the most beneficial impact and why?
  • What programme(s)/initiative(s), if any, do you believe are not working so well and why (including any barriers to access, if applicable)?
  • What do you believe would make the most difference to children, young people and families to help improve their situation: a) on a day-to-day basis and b) in the longer term? Please focus on areas where Welsh Government have the powers to make a difference.
  • What in your view are the best ways to achieve this?

We would be grateful if all views and comments could be forwarded via email to Lindsey Kearton, Child Poverty Review Lead (email: Lindsey.Kearton@gov.wales) by Friday 17 January 2020.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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