Welsh Labour Government criticised for ‘Any Other Business’ handling of Climate Emergency declaration

The Welsh Conservatives have criticised the Welsh Labour Government’s farcical response to the climate emergency declaration after it emerged the cabinet only briefly discussed the matter in the ‘Any Other Business’ section of its meeting on the 29th April.

Since the declaration, Labour’s Environment Minister, Lesley Griffiths has described the climate emergency as ‘greater than any other planned economic transition in modern times’.

However, Welsh Government cabinet minutes show the issue wasn’t discussed in a cabinet meeting before the declaration was made, and that it only featured as an ‘Any Other Business’ item in the meeting that subsequently took place.

Describing the development as ‘farcical, laughable and extremely worrying’, Shadow Minister for the Environment, Andrew RT Davies AM, said:

“This just about sums up Labour’s approach to government here in Wales over the past two decades since devolution.

“In the words of the Minister herself, actions to tackle the climate emergency are going to have a greater impact on the Welsh economy than anything we’ve seen in modern times, yet this lot didn’t even bother to discuss the wider ramifications in any great detail.

“This is a scandalous abdication of responsibility and could cause untold damage to jobs and prosperity in the Welsh economy – and they can only muster the energy to mention it in the ‘Any Other Business’ section of a cabinet meeting.

“We all acknowledge we have to tackle the climate change crisis but this slap dash approach could be disastrous for hardworking families across the country who will ultimately pay the price.

“Yesterday, I asked the First Minister whether any economic modelling had been undertaken by his government to support this policy decision and the non-answer said it all.

“This is a farcical, laughable and extremely worrying approach to governing and managing the Welsh environment and economy. People in Wales deserve far better from their government.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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