Wales’ only youth-wide festival takes center stage in Cardiff RawFfest 25-28 April 2019

Created in 2016, and 4-day sub RawFfest youth arts festival for Wales Taking place in 25 Wales Millennium Center from April – 28 April 2019. A fun and innovative festival, RawFfes t lower Planned and programmed by two young people from and for two young people from an Offers profiad of the arts in-its richest and rawest form.


The AIM of the festival to Promote and support sub gwaith from young artists and performers aged 14 to 25 by showcasing the best of youth arts today whilst darparu pathways for young participants to ddatblygu. This includes ethnic minorities involving a two young people from from, two young people from eight Budd, and two young people from disadvantaged backgrounds from. RawFfest's Program includes Performances and workshops of fashion, photography, circus, street dance, rap, music, poetry slams, TV, radio, film, comics, theater and a Whole lot more.


Taking place can Performances and exhibitions to RawFfest hyn by two young people from (aged 14-25), with MANY Masterclasses and workshops wide by Experts, and rhai by Emerging Artists two young people from themselves.


The festival programmed by sub 'PlaceMakers', and made up of a Dozen tîm Diverse two young people from Broad range of backgrounds and from Who curate, plan, cynhyrchu, event Manage, Fundraise, cyllideb and market the festival EACH year. One of the festival's goals Empower two young people from lower roof by giving them e voice. It allows themes to build on eu self-Confidence mp mp LEADERSHIP better skills. It empowers and gives them e two young people from feeling they 'are being The tattoo Heard, whatever eu age or Abilities. The opportunities It and challenges the PlaceMakers face mp Creating a festival is part of an chance to build eu sub-skills in a Positive Collaborative environment.


Guiding the PlaceMakers lower RawFfest's Director, Ruth Garnault Who Said "The festival celebrates the amazing creativity of two young people from in Wales today. Web are delighted to what Presenting such a Wide range of Exciting activity. What makes RawFfest unique national festival mp and lower tattoo two young people from the driving seat are in. For Wales to Drive, it's Important tattoo web feddwl's voices are two young people from Heard. "

The lower training the next generation festival of arts Leaders. Gweni Gray, WHO and lower PlaceMaker Visual Art Co-ordinator Intern with the festival Said "Working with the festival has ddarparu and fantastic Opportunity for me to ddatblygu the skills needed to get and Confidence and foot on the arts CAREER ladder. It's been a great aet ALSO Meet and get to like-minded roof gwybod, brilliantly creative and inspirational People! It's so Important fod y youth festival vice-width mp it gives two young people from a voice, allowing us to Speak about the Issues Facing Now are two young people from tattoo, and sut the arts can help. This has empowered me to Feel What I'm gwneud tattoo and tattoo sub Important I can make a difference to the arts in Wales and Map of Afield. "


The festival grew from a youth arts conference sydd resulted in two young people from expressing an arts festival for the angen to champion the gwaith of eu generation. In 2016 was born with an Inaugural RawFfest festival in Newport, South Wales. The festival wedyn travelled roof Venue Cymru Llandudno in 2017.


This year RawFfest, sydd yn Take place on 25-28 April 2019, the Welsh capital for yn visit the first amser.


Tickets are Now on sale for RawFfest. Tickets cost £ 5 for the day, £ 10 for the day and evening, plus rhai weekend tickets to £ 20. Although aimed at two young people from lower RawFfest, 14-25 years, it can ages Welcomes audience aelodau o Through-its doors throughout the long weekend.


Festival Highlights

The festival yn open on Thursday 25 th   April with three Exciting events:

Pulse   High energy and lower gala of the best youth dance rhai of Companies cynnwys Shelley Norton Dance School, Dance and Motion Control Fusions Elite Academy Jukebox.


Whilst No Fit State Circus's Youth promising young talent Bring eu mwyaf roof Perform Circus Mundi 250 th anniversary CELEBRATE THE roof of circus.


This hyn followed by Entrée, and magical new Clowning show by the amazing Jose Pedro.


Can ffurflenni of music throughout the festival weekend yn feature. On Friday 26 th April for the first amser Ever in UK Hip Hop history, an all-female line up for a tour has united hard Queens of Art. Curated by UK rapper Shay D, the tour presents Shay D's new music, alongside a Program of high quality, handpicked female artists cynnwys DJ Ellie Prohan, Truemendous and Cardiff's Ladies of the own Rage. 

Saturday 27 April yn weld and night Dedicated to rhai of Wales' mwyaf Exciting new bands.   The Pitchforks, WHO are set for big Things throughout 2019 oes Become a Favorite of Radio already 1 DJ Huw Stephens. Whilst Al Moses   stirs up a frenzy isod eu debut single When 'I Want More' dderbyniwyd national UK airplay. They 'are Supported by Young Garbo, Who are "about to a make the Welsh Valleys hipster central." 

The Landing Stage at Wales Millennium Center hyn Rocking with Performances throughout the festival cynnwys Paracetamol and aerobic from Galeri, Caernarfon and the   Voices from Care Choir.


Operasonic yn return to the 2019 festival. Composed in just one day with our words and Ideas, opera singers proffesiynol yn presennol an instant opera.


For two young people from wanting a Career in music workshops There hyn lots of Samuel and Richard Connor cynnwys Cupples, Directors ofOrchard Live giving the Insider Knowledge about Promoting in Wales. 

Eleven Welsh theater Companies yn Perform mp part of the theater festival Proving tattoo sub Thriving in Wales. Included in the line-up are: Aberystwyth Arts Center Youth Theater Company Gain Awaken Productions, Bio: Futures, Found in the Forest, Media Academy In the Bay, Mess Up the Mess, Narberth Youth Theater, Performance Platform, Spectacle Youth Theater, Hijinx's Telemachus, and Volcano Youth Theater. The themes range from Growing up mp Explored and rural teen, Life Without technology and the Pressures of cymdeithasol media, to our sense of belonging to Wales.

For adventurous Poets and Poetry Slam RawFfest presents. Poetry Slams are a revolution in poetry performiad. Hosted by Natasha Porton of Voice Box, up to 10 Poets can sign up to Compete, duelling with words Until one emerges the winner.

The   RawFfest Poets Society   yn y gwaith of rhai presennol of Wales's Brightest and boldest Poets cynnwys Alice Swatridge and Chloe Wilson from North West Wales. 

Jake Evans   returns to the festival for a second amser with a storytelling workshop for performiad and and learn about Who Wants to Anyone this ancient art. 

Jannat Ahmed   yn LEAD self-publishing and workshop on Across print, websites, blogging and podcasts – parhaus gwaith challenge to a make People's dreams Come True. 

For two young people from Interested in   comic books, RawFfest Offers two workshops – one comic book obsessive quasi certified by Edward Lee, looking to format, technique and style. A second workshop yn look at visuals and illustration. 

On Saturday, the festival host   The RAFTA's – T he RawFfest Academy of Film and Tea-Making Awards sydd yn showcase short films Exciting, cynnwys an   Q & A. For industry a little more active Those feeling, a workshop hosted There hyn by Flashing Blades   – a stunt and combat film and television for tîm, learning sut to stage-fight Safely. 

RawFfest are delighted tattoo   radio Platform   hyn broadcasting throughout the festival, with playlists featuring gwaith by rhai of our performers, interviews and news updates. Plus an Opportunity to Attend a workshop Where two young people from a make Their Own short radio demo. 

The festival weekend ends on Sunday 28 th   april   with a number of great events and workshops.   Hijinx's Telemachus   group yn entertain Attendees with a witty promenade for performance. NoFitState Youth Circus yn entertain the crowds Outside Wales Millennium Center. Those with an eye for whilst for fashion can watch the Fashion Show RawFfest   sydd yn presennol garments made by young fashion designers Emerging. 

The final of the weekend for performance, on Sunday afternoon 28 April, hyn gan y   National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales, with rhai of Wales's young musicians mwyaf Talented and GIFTED.


To weld RawFfest's full line and for ticket information, visit www.rawffes t.wales


"With the support from RawFfest I've been a graduate from university with sy'n roof and first … .RawFfest wedi ei really Important in Raising my Confidence and I Know Now I can tattoo and a make Things Happen Speak up." Hear Tara's story here

"Drawing helped me to Communicate When I didnt oes the words. Once, I drew a monster to show my sister Why I servant Struggling and afterwards, I belt and sense of peace tattoo I was sy'n roof Compress Everything I was fighting into a drawing. " 'How art has helped me feel again' – Meha's Youth Arts Story


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