Valleys’ top cop gives seal of approval for new recruits

A batch of brand new police officers will be walking a beat near you this Christmas.
Nineteen new faces were welcomed to the region on Monday by Chief Superintendent Belinda Davies.
They will be partnered with experienced tutor constables before they are free to do their work alone.
They join South Wales Police from a diverse range of backgrounds which include engineering, marketing, teaching and IT.
Chief Superintendent Belinda Davies, said: “Speaking as somebody who is coming to the end of their policing career, I can only say that whatever career they have come from, and for whatever reason they joined, they’ve made a great choice for themselves.
"They bring with them knowledge and their own expertise which will be a great asset to South Wales Police. The tools of policing are certainly different to back in my day as a new recruit, but, the qualities of a good police officer never change. They must be brave, determined, respectful and excellent with people and situations. If they are equipped with all those things they will do themselves and communities that they serve very proud.”
Belinda added: “The police service has given me so much during my career and much of that you couldn’t get in any other walk of life. It’s a tough job, but, a rewarding one like no other. I wish every single one them luck and will ensure they are given ample support in their first few months.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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