On November 21st MACS will be visited all day by the ‘Higher Tour’ from Manchester.

The Higher Tour is an initiative of The Message Trust, an award-winning charity that has been working with young people for 25 years. It was founded by Andy Hawthorne OBE and continues to work in locations across the UK.

The Higher Tour, born out of partnerships with established youth agencies and local churches, seeks to positively reach a whole generation of young people in their schools and local communities. Utilising creative ways and means to aid young people in their exploration of the Christian faith, the Higher bands offer lessons for schools. The highly trained bands offer a wide variety of musical genres, all aiming to promote a positive message to young people and to encourage them in their identity, self-worth, and potential.

Culminating in an invitation to an evangelistic end of-week concert, the professionally led school sessions provide an environment where young people can hear people’s stories of faith, creatively engage through different learning styles, and explore the significance of the Christian faith and its moral, spiritual, and social values for themselves.

Period 1 – Year 7 with subject teachers in the Upper Hall

Period 2 – Year 8 with subject teachers in the Upper Hall

Period 3 – Year 9 with subject teachers in the Upper Hall

Period 4 – Year 10 with subject teachers in the Upper Hall

Period 5 – Year 11 RS Full Course GCSE Class & Y13/Y12 Invited with Mr. Church in the Upper Hall

MACS is awaiting confirmation of which band will visit us for this unique event!

AMONGST WOLVES – A high-energy pop/punk band with a strong sound and a passion for engaging with young people on the fringes. 

BRIGHTLINE – Brightline are an indie pop band – think feel-good music, catchy melodies, synths and guitars, then add a bit of beatboxing and you’ve got Brightline. Through their lessons and stories, they aim to bring a message of hope and life to young people.

SOULBOX – SoulBox blend soul, rap and beatbox – with cool beats, infectious melodies and personal stories of transformation.

by steven.jones 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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