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Wales; the land of song, daffodils, sheep, rolling hills, Gareth Bale, a baked bean museum and so, so, so much more!



Wales; the land of song, daffodils, sheep, rolling hills, Gareth Bale, a baked bean museum and so, so, so much more!

This stunning new hardback picture atlas book, published by the award winning Rily Publications, launches this September and is set to present a fresh take on Wales, showcasing the country in all her beautiful glory to a new generation of children, both English and Welsh speaking.

The 64 page large format picture book is written by prolific Welsh author and adaptor, Elin Meek, and illustrated by French artists, Valériane Leblond, who has made her home in Wales and has learnt Welsh fluently.

Wales on the Map is a rich tapestry of history, tourist hotspots, traditions, landmarks, and important people, all woven through amongst winding rivers, majestic castles, sandy beaches and rugged mountains.

"Wales is a delightful secret with hidden treasures and outstanding natural beauty. We aimed to publish a book to showcase Wales to the world so that everyone can see how proud we are of our magnificent country." says Lynda Tunnicliffe, of Rily Publications.

"It's been a huge project for us, not least because we are maintaining our tradition of publishing an English and a Welsh version, but we are also launching both a quiz and an activity book (in English and in Welsh) to compliment Wales on the Map. Essentially, there will be 6 books available in the range, and we anticipate that they will work equally as well in school and at home. We are so very excited to launch this series, and hope that children all over Wales will be inspired to learn more about our homeland!"

Each county of Wales is given attention, with geographical features and interesting facts featured about each area. There is also a specific factual section and some specialist spreads giving focus to the arts, culture, food, sport, and myths and legends.

For the inhabitants of Wales, and beyond, this publication will provide key information about the country in an easy to follow, visual and highly attractive way. Wales on the Map will undoubtedly sit proudly on our bookshelves for years to come, and passed down through generations of families in Wales. 

Explore the delights and hidden treasures of Wales on a voyage of discovery through this fascinating country.

Wales on the Map is a lavishly illustrated picture atlas that showcases the best Wales has to offer. Region by region, it celebrates its landscape as well as its people, covering historical figures, famous personalities, cultural events and much, much more. 

Learn, enjoy and then love the richness and variety that is Wales. 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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