Welsh councils warn of £344m funding gap for social care by 2022

The funding gap in Welsh social services will jump by a whopping three-and-a half times by 2020-2021, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) has warned.

A report submitted by the WLGA and the Association of Directors of Social Services (ADSS) to the Welsh Government noted a £344m injection will be required in 2020, compared to the current £99m gap.

Increasing workforce costs and an ageing population have been cited as the reasons for the increase, at an average of £47m a year to 2021-2022.

The WLGA’s spokesman for social care, Cllr Huw David, said the Welsh Government’s £10m to deal with winter social care pressures in February was welcome but not good enough.

Cllr David added: ‘Given the scale of the challenges, radical long-term solutions are urgently required.

‘Now is the time to have a real debate about fundamental changes to social care funding, and to do away with the short-term sticking plaster approach that is no longer fit for purpose.’

Earlier this year in January, the parliamentary review report on health and social care argued there should be one, seamless system for Wales organised around the individual and their family.

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