Dementia Action Week – Tell the Alzheimer’s Society what actions you want to see

This year, Dementia Awareness Week is changing to Dementia Action Week. It will take place from 21-27 May 2018.

While raising awareness and offering support will always be important, we must go further to create change in communities.

During Dementia Action Week, we’ll be asking everyone across the UK to unite with us and take action. Whether big or small, actions can make everyday life better for people affected by dementia.

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If you’re affected by dementia, the Alzheimer's Society want to hear from you

Please share with us what small action you’d like people to take that will have the biggest impact to your life. It could be as simple as asking people to be more patient in checkout queues. It could be including the person with dementia in conversations, or simply taking the time to pop round and visit. 

During Dementia Action Week, we will be sharing the most popular ideas and asking everyone across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to take these actions and unite with us against dementia. 

‘People are already aware. It’s action we now need. It’s help, it’s support. Turning into action week is absolutely the best thing I’ve heard.’
– Chris, person with dementia

Alzheimer’s Society is committed to creating a dementia-friendly UK. We want people affected by dementia feel part of society and can carry on doing the things they want for as long as possible – free from fear and prejudice. 

We are leading the movement for change – but we need everyone to play their part. Only united can we create the world that people affected by dementia want and have a right to see. 

The Dementia Statements and rights will underpin the campaign. They reflect the things people with dementia have said are essential to their quality of life. Grounded in human rights law, they are a rallying call to improve the lives of people with dementia.

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